Hello Javy


Words matter.

A Virtual Reality

I spend a lot of time in the car. On average, over 3 hours on any given weekday.  A close friend who's been a road warrior for more than five years gave me great advice. Fill the time. He didn't mean, be on the phone, or always listening to something. He meant give the time you have a purpose. If you need solitude, be alone. If you need to meditate, get quiet. If you need to learn, listen. 


Of all the things I do in my car there are two things that I try & do often. 

  1. Listen
  2. Dream

When I say listen, I mean really listen - not tuning out. I listen to all kinds of stuff. Music, the Bible, & podcasts that enlighten & challenge me. TED Talks are a constant source of inspiration. On one of those given weekdays I heard something that made me a believer. I heard about a girl named Sidra. I heard about a new way to experience her world while comfortably sitting in my car.  As I listened to What Happens When We Step Inside The Screen I was convinced, as Chris Milk explains that, virtual reality can "create the ultimate empathy machine." Philanthropy, news, NGO annual reports & donor relations will never be the same. 

Emerging = Expensive

Currently, there are more tech companies venturing in VR hardware. Established tech giants like GoPro, Nokia,  & Samsung and by comparison, newcomers like Jaunt to name a few. And content? There's no shortage of that either. Disney, Netflix, Discovery, VRSE are all on board. Most professional VR filming rigs start north of $5,000, most over $10,000. Most aren't for sale yet. Should cost be a barrier to entry into a medium that could forever change the landscape of philanthropy? Perhaps but as I dream the future looks close enough to touch. 

Seeing Is Believing

"Unfortunately, talking about virtual reality is like dancing about architecture." Chris Milk

So this all started in a car. Listening quickly turned to seeing. Consider this your formal invitation. Don't be afraid of it. Don't be afraid of what you will feel. Don't do it in the car.

To start experiencing VR feel free to start where I did. All it takes is an iPhone.

From your iPhone, download VRSE.